Motors and items for ATEX environments

ATEX electric motors - "RL" series

Explosion-proof electric motors of standard dimensions in aluminum with axis height from 56 to 160 three-phase, from 56 to 100 single-phase, 2, 4, 6, 8 poles and double polarity. For surface safety installations with presence of gas, vapors and dust, category 2, suitable for zone 1 and 21. Suitable for use by inverter also with servoventilation and PTC. Ex d IIC, Ex d IIB, Ex de IIC protection mode Modular motor, through the direct application on the frame of feet and flanges, it can be configured in the various construction forms B3, B5, B14, B34, B35 using a single platform constructive.

ATEX electric motors - MIA series

IEC unified type AC electric motors, in sizes from 56 to 160, for classified areas: • Ex-e II-2G zone 1-2-21-22 (increased safety) • Ex-na II-3G zone 2-22 ( anticintilla).

ADPE engines for fuel dispensers

Explosion-proof motors with Ex d IIB protection method, designed to be installed inside fuel dispensers, for this reason the terminal box is positioned in the rear part of the engine while the cooling fan is positioned in the front part.

Series C explosion proof in direct current

Explosion-proof explosion-proof DC motors, regularly certified and approved by CESI (Italian Experimental Electrotechnical Center). Built according to the CENELEC EN 50.014 standards, protection mode “d”. Powers from 0.5 to 45Kw in compliance with Directive 94/9 / EC “ATEX” Group II, Category 2G. 7 axis heights (from 112 to 280) Available up to 110kW (with EEXd certificate, but without compliance with Directive 94/9 / EC “ATEX”).


Gearmotors and motors with explosion protection only in compliance with the ATEX standard. Available in the following categories: • II2G • II2D • II3G-D • II3D for use in zones 1, 21, 2 and 22.

ATEX cable glands
The cable glands in question are divided into three distinct series:
– KU – cable glands for non-armored cables
– KM – cable glands for non-armored cables with female head
– KA – cable glands for double sealed armored cables These products are used in areas with danger of explosion. They can be assembled on electrical equipment such as lamps, enclosures, electric motors and more.
Degree of protection:
Ex d IIC Gb; Ex and IIC Gb for cable glands series KU – KM – KA Ex d I Mb;
Ex and I Mb only for cable glands series KA
Group: II 2GD for cable glands series KU – KM – KA I M2 only for cable glands series KA.
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