Gearboxes and Gearmotors

Coaxial and mixer R / RM series

The complete range of cylindrical gear motors with power ratings from 0.09kw to 160Kw.

Series F - Parallel axes (two and three stages)

These gear motors are particularly suitable when there is little space available. Powers from 0.12kw to 200Kw

K Series - Conical Pair (three stage)

Gearboxes with a high torque efficiency of over 96%. Powers from 0.12kw to 200Kw

Serie S - Endless screw

Gearboxes with pre-stage providing greater efficiency than normal worm gearboxes. Powers from 0.12kw to 22kw

W Series - Spiroplan

They are orthogonal gear motors with SPIROPLAN® toothing. made of steel-steel material and aluminum casing and offer advantages in terms of performance with respect to worm gear. Powers from 0.09 to 3kw.

SEW EURODRIVE Industrial Gear Reducers

They are robust gearboxes for heavy duty. Torque up to 1,480 KNm.


They carry out all drive tasks even in difficult and reliable conditions of use. Thanks to the wide range of mounting methods, they are always ideal for your application. For example, transport and preparation of raw materials for the energy, wood, mineral and process industries. In each industrial sector SEW EURODRIVE is able to satisfy all the technical needs of customers

SEW EURODRIVE mechanical variators

Mechanical variable-speed drives are simple, robust and economical drive components for numerous applications in the field of transport and processes. Thanks to their ability to adjust the number of revolutions evenly, they can be operated manually or remotely. All this without the expensive control cabinets or frequency converters.

Two series are available: VARIBLOC®®, the wide trapezoidal belt series that provides power up to 45 kW and a speed adjustment range of 1: 4, 1: 6 and 1: 8. The VARIMOT® disc variant is suitable for powers up to 2.2 kW and a speed setting range of 1: 5.
Our company is able to size complete systems (motor, reducer, encoder and control electronics) for new applications or changes in existing systems. It also offers assistance with products sold even after sales.
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