Frequency converter with a “reduced” construction volume, excellent equipment of the unit, high power range with all voltage ranges of allowed networks, high EMC protection, very simple command and commissioning, excellent value for money.

MOVIDRIVE® MDX60 / 61B drives

The new generation of frequency converters from SEW-EURODRIVE equipped with the latest digital frequency converter technology. In the power range from 0.55 to 315 kW.


MOVIGEAR: New decentralized system for transport lines (IE4 high-efficiency mechatronics) Motor, gearbox and inverter, all in one system. Two sizes from 200 Nm and 400 Nm, also in execution with protruding shaft. Reduction ratios from 5 to 55.

MOVIMOT decentralized systems

The MOVIMOT® gearmotor with integrated frequency converter is the tried and tested combination of a gearmotor and a digital frequency converter. Powers from 0.37 and 4.0kW. Available in combination with the entire range of SEW gearboxes.

Movitrans Sew Eurodrive
MOVITRANS®, the contactless energy transfer system of SEW-EURODRIVE, works according to the transfer principle of inductive energy. The electricity is transferred without contact from a conductor fixed to one or more mobile users. The electromagnetic coupling occurs through an air gap, not requires maintenance and is not subject to wear. Another great advantage is that this type of power supply of energy does not cause pollution and is also resistant to external influences.
MOVITRANS® should preferably be used when they must be passed long traverses at high speed and when maintenance-free operation is required. It is also suitable for applications in environments sensitive to dirt and wet environments e humid.
Our company is able to size complete systems (motor, reducer, encoder and control electronics) for new applications or changes in existing systems. It also offers assistance with products sold even after sales.
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