A Company With More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Industrial Service is a company that operates in the field of industrial automation. Founded in 2000 by the merger of companies with twenty years of experience, it is specialized in the application of rotating machines. The goal of Industrial Service has always been to satisfy the needs of the market, offering customized solutions for complete plants for every industrial sector and a line of accessories and spare parts for all the products treated

The ISO 9000 standards have spread to the base of the pyramid of the production system. Small businesses have discovered how certifying themselves by following at least one of these standards is an increasingly pressing and necessary requirement for their business. In 2003 our company decided to take this path, which defines the requirements for implementation in one organization, for a quality management system, in order to conduct business processes, improve effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation and delivery of the service, obtain and increase customer satisfaction.

Iso 9001: 2015 reg.n · IT 30627 n 6160 INDS

Where we operate

Cementitious / Paper Sector

In cement factories and paper mills SEW EURODRIVE gearmotors of which the Industrial Service srl is an authorized dealer, have been required for many years for quality, reliability and performance. A spare parts warehouse has been set up in Florence for many years, exclusively for SEW. There you can find qualified personnel who have knowledge of the product for over twenty years. For this sector we can also provide: - DC motors and vectors of SICME MOTORI of which we are distributors. - Industrial electric fans - Drive inverters and electrical panels

Chemical and Petrochemical Sectors

In this type of sector, equipment required corresponds to the ATEX guidelines. Industrial Service srl is able to provide: - Gearmotors - Engines - Electric fans - Pumps - Encoder - ATEX accessories For the different application areas: - Zone 1 and 2 in the presence of gas - Zone 21 and 22 in the presence of dust Ex-e, Ex-n, Exd IIB and Exd IIC with temperature class up to T6

Settore Food & Beverage​

Industrial Service can to offer products with specific features able to meet the requirements for this type of sector:
- Motors and gearmotors for aseptic environments even in stainless steel
- Stainless steel encoder

Metal-mechanical/ Steel Industry

Industrial Service can to offer products with specific characteristics suitable to meet the quality requirements necessary in steel plants and metal processing, where aggressive agents or high temperatures are often present. There fore we can offer: - AC/DC and MIL series Motors - Gearmotors and reducers for heavy duty - Encoder with high resistance to stress


International trading

The export is strategically used by Industrial Service srl to penetrate foreign markets and represents the direction taken towards internationalization. Our company has been exporting all products sold both in EU and non-EU countries, for several years and is able to manage the various phases of preparation, collection, customs and delivery to the customer.


Industrial Service srl is able to fix and overhaul almost all the products marketed at its factory. It also offers free on-site consultations, therefore inspections at facilities where Revamping and Retrofitting are required, for example for: - Production performance change - General maintenance. - Energy efficiency adjustment. - Adaptations to more recent technologies.

Intervention sectors in%
mechanical and steel industry
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Paper and cementitious products
Food &